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During times of crisis it is important to support your local region, as bushfires impacted our tourism industry during December and January, floods devastated our towns and villages in Late February and Covid19 triggered an unprecedented shut down of our economy to save lives.

The bigger backyard is a business to business support campaign encouraging businesses to take a moment before they purchase from outside the region check to see if that purchase can support a local business, by pledging to seek local business suppliers businesses can play an active role in stabilising our local economy, stimulate jobs and build a stronger central coast.

DID YOU KNOW: Every dollar spent in businesses on the Central Coast has the potential to have a multiplier effect on the local economy while supporting the business’s growth and sustainability. By pledging local and shifting supplies/services from large out of area companies to local businesses today, this will make a huge difference in how we do business tomorrow.


Join local business leaders who are right now increasing their in-region vs out-of-region spending. Let’s have more of that. Every $ retained in the Central Coast has a multiplier effect on the local economy + impacts on business growth & sustainability. All it takes is a shift in perspective – one small change today will make a big difference in your tomorrow. Simple.

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Why not take this opportunity to explore the local businesses throughout the Coast and see how many you can support in your day to day operations by pledging local.

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Bigger Backyard

We believe that by creating collaborative opportunities and connecting businesses to each other, we are also developing a thriving economy for our region regardless of the current circumstances in the world. To show that by pledging locally, we are supporting one and other through the difficult times to ensure the businesses on the central coast come out on top.


As the hardship impact of Covid-19 becomes more of an economic reality, In Good Company decided to launch a project that would actively support the region.

The campaign will demonstrate to the business community our commitment to improving the regional business landscape and revitalising our towns through a collaborative effort and give them assistance where we can and reach as many local businesses as possible.



The pledge is to ensure local businesses buy local. The businesses that have taken up the pledge will be awarded a digital directory and portal. The directory listing inside the In Good Company website then exposes their business to fellow pledgers.


The way the app works is that businesses that go onto the website and pledge to buy locally will be awarded a digital directory and portal. The directory listing inside the In Good Company website then exposes their business to fellow pledgers.

The business page will also be a local directories portal for businesses they wish to purchase from. To ensure usability and access is where it needs to be this information will be automatically regenerated into a local “In Good Company” app that gives business easy access and searchability of local businesses that have pledged to buy local.

 The app will deliver a four-step process:


Search for product/service or business


Click to see business profile


Click on the best communications Call/email/web/address


Do business with a local

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You do not need to be a Chamber member to Pledge

There is no on-going obligation, you can opt-out at anytime

We do not add to your overcrowded inbox with more mail, all of our updates are posted to the website and over on Facebook ( Insert link to facebook )

Your details are not shared.